let’s review: gone girl


Disclaimer: this review contains spoilers! Gone Girl virgins should read this spoiler-hidden review. ; )

Gillian Flynn’s highly buzzed-about book, Gone Girl, had me from the beginning: a mystery that doesn’t read like a true-crime airport novel, but rather, an incredibly developed character study with a twist. I can see why this book has made a name for itself: it pulls you in and asks questions you can’t help but want to know the answers to. Split into three parts, each section takes an interesting turn, with plenty of “wtf” moments along the way. I wasn’t expecting the shift in plot that came midway through, but it worked well, and I felt that Gone Girl as a whole was very well crafted. No, these characters aren’t the most sympathetic, but I don’t think they’re supposed to be. They are a sampling of what can begin as normal and go very awry.

Afterthoughts: Although a bit messed up in this case, the idea of a couple being each other’s “forever antagonist” is interesting. I heard several reviews from friends that they felt this book’s ending to be anticlimactic. While I had this preconceived notion going into the reading experience, I found the ending to be fitting for this particular story (“We are one long frightening climax”). My only lingering question has to do with Desi’s lack of fingerprints on the items Amy claimed he touched in their home. But then again, I’m no Monk. I liked this book because it felt fresh, unprecedented in its approach. I thoroughly enjoyed being engrossed in reading every twist, turn, new development, with changing predictions and reactions every few pages. A few of my predictions came true, but overall I was kept guessing and intrigued the whole way though, impressed by the sophistication in the writing and the layers of depth to the characters: taking the idea that we are all a little bit messed up, marriage can be tough (and spouses can know each other too well), and then taking these concepts to the extreme, teasing them out, and ending up with a really twisted, crazy good book.

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