let’s review: marina

marina“Marina once told me that we only remember what never really happened.”

So begins Marina, a Gothic tale by Carlos Ruiz Zafón that follows young Oscar Drai beyond the walls of his boarding school and into the thick of a saga he finds himself caught in after meeting a girl named Marina. The two become friends, and together become entangled in a web of layered stories and characters with dark secrets. When Oscar and Marina witness a woman in black visit an unmarked grave and discover a mysterious photo album, they find themselves on a path into the past marked by a symbol of a black butterfly with open wings. They begin to piece together the tale no one else has questioned, even as they discover that the true story is more dangerous, dark, and twisted than they imagined.

Zafón invites readers down this winding labyrinth of a tale, packed with a myriad of Gothic elements: a looming mansion, a family saga with more to the story, a disturbed man with a dark obsession, a cemetery, a photograph, distorted figures, a brooding widow, young ill-fated love, vengeful fire, and a strand of redemption found beneath the ashes.

Once I placed myself in this tell-tale Gothic framework, I was able to set aside the feeling of a contrived setup, as this was quickly replaced with a fondness for Oscar and Marina and a curiosity for the creepy, wonderfully crafted story waiting at the end of the labyrinth.

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