here is the staying (back to the woods)


Let’s go back to that cabin in the woods, to the place where time expands itself out for us, Autumn rolling out its red carpet for our restless feet, inviting us into her home: come and rest awhile here.

Let’s sit once more around that fire: telling all, and all of us here. Inside this circle we are completely ourselves. In between the laughing and the lines we know by heart, there’s plenty room left over for everything that’s real.

I can think of times before when the trail stretched out too long. I walked by faith and not by sight: the things I hoped for couldn’t be found. Two roads diverged: you took the one less familiar. And I had to let you.

And now I’m looking ahead at my own yellow wood. I am the one diverging. The difference is I am choosing the parting.

And I know this is life, this is leaving: we can’t stay hidden here. The fire dies out, the flowers wither up and all living things must be reborn.

But before the winter, before the leaving, here is the staying: it looks strikingly similar to you. It looks like friends around a fire in the woods with nothing to do and stories to tell. And as long as Autumn lets us stay: I have nowhere else to be except next to you.


(italicized lyrics borrowed from “Every Minute” by Sara Groves)

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  1. Marti Sullan Says:

    Lovely…really gets me feeling reminescent……. Bittersweetness

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