let’s review: modern romance

modernromanceModern Romance takes a look at the way dating and looking for love have changed over time, namely due to technology and how it’s affected the ways in which we connect. It’s funny, because it’s Aziz Ansari, (and listening to the audiobook gives you that extra Aziz/Tom Haverford “cuddle like little bunnies” kind of narration). It’s also really interesting, and I especially found the opening chapters to be a strong blend of well-researched insight mixed with humor. Taking a deeper look at the now-and-then contrast of dating and marriage between generations and genders leads to questions of choice, and how having more options and more ways to connect isn’t necessarily a solution. I was surprised by some of the stats, and even concerned by others. Some scenarios really made me think about how digitally dependent we’ve become. I felt somewhat unsatisfied by the concluding chapters, or hoped for them to feel more hopeful. Perhaps this is because we read with our own lens, and I was disappointed by the brief focus on companion love as a long-term narrative. I understand that the point of the book was to provide a wider scope, however, and Modern Romance does this—compiling lots of research and responses into a collection of interesting angles that make you look again at what love looks like today.

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