let’s review: is everyone hanging out without me?

IEHOWM?Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? is a lighthearted look into Mindy Kaling’s life and her inner dialog on everything from culture clashes and childhood as a chubster to good comedy, relationships and Hollywood aspirations. While Kaling keeps things light and humorous in her various observations, perhaps one of her more telling moments recalls her teenage realization to not overlook the true friend for the expected but less fulfilling ones. She also shares honestly about the road to becoming a writer and actress, starting out “terrible at everything” in NYC but sticking to her own jokes, her own style, working hard and eventually turning a Ben Affleck impersonation into a turning point of opportunity. Behind the scenes at SNL and The Office add an interesting peak into the comedic TV world Kaling finds herself in. While I found some of her quips and musings to feel too random or insubstantial at times, overall I did enjoy this spirited glimpse into a funny female’s corner of the world.

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