let’s review: dark places

darkplacesGillian Flynn’s Dark Places is aptly titled to say the least. A tragic set of murders leaves Libby Day without much of a family, and her own brother in prison for his alleged crimes, which little Libby’s testimony confirmed. Over twenty years later, Libby stumbles into the middle of the Kill Club, a group obsessed with unsolved mysteries (and her brother Ben’s innocence). Libby has to ask questions that haven’t been answered before. Back-and-forth chapters between past and present gradually unfold the truth of that cold, dark day in 1985.

While the subject matter gets gritty, again I was hooked by Flynn’s storytelling. The central mystery is a compelling unraveling, with nearly every character seeming a suspect for something as several pieces of the plot work their way together. I read the whole thing absorbed in anticipation; however, if I have nightmares now it’s my own fault for reading this book.

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