let’s review: anya’s ghost

anyaAnya’s Ghost is an interesting twist on the ghost story, unfolding in Vera Brosgol’s cool greyscale illustrations. When Anya falls down a well on her way to school one morning, she ends up connected to the ghost of a girl from long ago who tries to help Anya overcome her shyness and snag the boy she has a crush on. But her new friend’s “helpfulness” creates a spookier scenario than what Anya could have foreseen.

This story seems to present itself to a younger audience, but with mature context. I was intrigued enough by the story and appreciate graphic novels that present a more paired-down drawing style over a busier layout. However, I wasn’t overly attached to the story, either. Overall, Anya’s Ghost is an interesting concept and certainly adds a layer of creepiness to an otherwise ordinary tale of a teen misfit looking for a way to belong.

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